Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo has become a popular medium for flooring over the last few years. When properly grown and prepared it rivals good hardwood for durability, and can be finished to look like several different types of wooden flooring.

Bamboo is a fast growing grass produced in areas not used for other products. Because of its unique location it does not interfere with other crops or other ecosystems. And because it is fast growing it can be replenished easily, so there is far less deforestation.

Some early bamboo products were criticized to being too soft. This can be avoided by only using bamboo that been harvested after seven years of growth. After six or seven years the bamboo is near its maximum strength, and is ideal for hard durable flooring. Younger, softer bamboo is not really suited to flooring, just as many softer woods are not suitable for flooring. But properly grown and treated bamboo is an economical alternative to solid hard timbers, with similar characteristics.

Bamboo Flooring Perth

Consider bamboo for any long lasting and durable floor surface that would traditionally use wood. Bamboo is environmentally friendly, similar in characteristics to quality hardwood, and quite reasonably priced. And it can be treated to suit almost any décor.