Solid Timber Floor

Solid timber is one of the oldest and most labour intensive flooring options. Yet it remains popular because the resulting floor is durable and extremely long lasting. The wood grain appearance is also very appealing, and comes in many different variations.

Installing Solid Timber Flooring Perth

We provide both the labour and materials for high quality hardwood flooring. The timber used for this has been subject to minimal manufacturing and processing; essentially the planks are individual pieces of raw timber without any joints. This lack of processing in production means more effort is required for installation; the timber planks must be cut to size and fitted together, and the floor must be sanded, sealed and properly finished. This is labour intensive and time consuming, though the results are impressive and long lasting.

Popular woods for solid timber flooring include:

  • Solid Sydney Blue Gum
  • Solid Jarrah
  • Spotted Gum
  • American Red Oak
  • Blackbutt
  • Tasmania Oak
  • Red or Grey Ironbark

Installing Hardwood Timber Floors Perth

By combining a materials and installation service we can provide the most cost-effective means of installing solid timber flooring. And though the process for solid timber is always time consuming our services and experience always keep this to a minimum. Our years of experience, specialized equipment, and extensive resources allow us to achieve the best possible result with your timber flooring.

We supply and install the timber flooring Perth Residents are proud to have in their homes.