Floor Maintenance & Technical Issues

Most traditional floors require some form of maintenance. Only some synthetic materials are exempt from regular service. Floor maintenance is important, and should only be done be professionals.

Floor Sanding Perth

Solid Hardwood floors require periodic re-sanding and re-finishing. This effectively restores the hardwood to its original appearance.

Bamboo requires similar treatment to hardwood. Re-sanding makes floors look like new.

Floor Sander Perth

Floor sanding is a difficult undertaking, requiring both specialized equipment and specific skills. It is one of the few renovation options not recommended for DIY individuals.

Outdoor Decking Perth

Outdoor decking also requires considerable maintenance work. Woodwork, being constantly exposed to the weather, will suffer heavy wear and tear. Proper finishing and sealing maximises the life of decking. And re-sanding can restore moderately worn decking to near new condition.