Hardness of Timber Flooring Perth


Woods vary in their characteristics, with some being suitable for flooring and some not. Some types of flooring timber are quite aesthetically pleasing, some are harder and more durable than others. The aesthetics are at least partly a matter of personal taste. The hardness and durability can be objectively measured and discovered by experiment or experience.


The Janka Scale for Timber Floors Perth

The Janka method tests a piece of wood by impressing a 11-12mm steel ball into its surface. The amount of pressure required to press half of the steel ball into the surface of the wood is an indication of the timber’s hardness; harder woods require more pressure, and hence have a higher Janka number.

This method is complicated by the fact that the hardness of the wooden plank will vary according to the direction of the grain. Nonetheless the Janka rating gives a good general indication of the hardness of a certain type of timber.


Floor Sander Perth    

Good quality hardwood can be sanded down and effectively restored to its original appearance. This will only be required after several decades of use. Hardwood floors can be sanded down up to ten time, giving then a life expectancy well over a hundred years.


Bamboo Flooring Perth

The hardness and durability of bamboo is different to the same properties in wood. The Janka test is misleading. A bamboo floor might effectively resist the ball bearing of the Janka test but be prone to scratching. Different floor materials are prone to different types of damage.

Test bamboo for its scratch resistance before purchase.

It is important to make sure that all bamboo is grown for 5-6 years before harvesting, and then processed well. Strand woven bamboo appears to be the strongest type.


Laminate Flooring Perth

Laminate is a composite of melamine resin and fibreboard. Because these materials are pressed together in the manufacturing process the final product is quite scratch resistant.

Long term the laminate will not last as long as hardwood; unlike hardwood it cannot be sanded down and resurfaced. But it is more durable that realized, and when the hardness rating is lower the ability to resist scratching and dents is higher than some timbers that measure higher on the hardness scale.

The hardness of Laminate timber flooring Perth

The hardness of Laminate is measured on a scale from 1-5.

2 or higher is suitable for most homes.

5 is required for heavy commercial applications.

1 is acceptable for cupboards or low traffic areas.

Timber Flooring Perth - KNOCK OUT FLOORING

Laminate is a good general option for many home flooring and some commercial flooring situations.


Floating Timber Floors Perth

Engineered wood, cut so that it slots together with ease, can be used to create a floating timber floor. This exists above the sub floor, often on top of padding material.

Floating floors are ideal for reducing sound and noise problems, or for simply redecorating with a different floor.