Knock Out Floors – Perth Flooring Options

Civilization is the process of adapting elements of the natural world to suit our own purposes. When the natural origin of the elements is still present in what we build, when we see woodgrain in timber, the object has a certain art that bland plastics or synthetic materials often lack. For this reason timber, bamboo natural floors remain popular, and even synthetic floors such as laminate often imitate natural flooring.

Timber Flooring Perth

Timber floors are one of the most durable flooring options, sometime lasting over a century. They are only moderately expensive to install, and very cost effective in the long term as they last such a long time. Timber can also be sanded in order to return it to its original appearance.

Bamboo Flooring Perth

Bamboo is a fast growing grass, meaning it is a renewable resource. It is also environmentally friendly. Bamboo floors can be processed to resemble many types of wood, and well grown bamboo (5 years or more) is quite hard and durable.

Bamboo and Timber Floors Perth

Environmental concerns are paramount today. Wooden products are of a great benefit to the environment as they reduce the Co2 in the atmosphere. Growing trees absorb a significant amount of Co2 gas. Most of this gas stays stored in the timber after the tree is harvested. Continually growing new trees (or bamboo grass) means Co2 is continually being pulled out of the air. As long as the timber is not burnt this is a great advantage for the environment.

Floor sanding Perth

Solid timber floors can be sanded to restore them to their original finish. Some types of bamboo flooring can also be sanded.

Laminate Flooring Perth

Laminate is built from several layers of wood, combining different materials to achieve a timber product with many advantages. It is often designed to look like natural timber, but can be produce at a much lower price. Though it is not as long lasting as high-end solid timber it is still quite durable, and easily replaced when used as a floating timber floor.

Floating timber Floors Perth

Floating timber floors are semi-permanent floors above a permeant floor. They can be installed and replaced with minimal difficulty, meaning they are ideal for renovations.