Laminate is one of the most durable types of flooring, it is easy to maintain, does not fade, and its photographic image can reproduce the look of virtually any flooring surface.

Laminate Timber Flooring Perth

Being constructed of several different layers, Laminate can combine the advantages of different materials.

Top Layer – Laminate’s top layer is transparent, hard wearing resin; designed to resist scratching it can withstand years of heavy foot traffic.

Image Design Layer – Underneath this, and visible through the top layer, is a photographic reproduction of the flooring design. This reproduced image can depict anything from stone to wood to tiles, giving the laminate a near infinite number of possible designs.

Core Layer – The main material of the laminate is particleboard, which provides a solid stable backing for the floor. This layer can vary in thickness.

Stabilizing Layer – This is another resin layer like the top, but at the base it provides a rigid surface that, combined with the core layer, produces a solid and stabile floorboard.

Appearance of Laminate Flooring Perth

Laminate boards can be made to reproduce:

  • Wooden flooring of any shade
  • Stonework of many types.
  • Tiling of any design
  • Marble or polished floors
  • Plain uniform colours
  • Cork

Laminate Flooring Perth

Laminate can reproduce the look of almost any type of flooring, and is fairly durable. It can work extremely well in any part of the home not exposed to heavy moisture.

Floating Timber Floors Perth

Laminate timber is effective as a floating floor. With floating floors the laminate is positioned above the existing floor structure without being permanently attached. This allows a certain amount of acoustic isolation, as well as the option of changing the flooring should the owners decide to redecorate. It also allows individual boards to be replaced should they ever be damaged.

Laminate cleaning:

Laminate usually only requires vacuum cleaning. Spills can be removed with damp clothes or citrus-bases cleaners. There is never any need for waxing, sanding or abrasive cleaning.