Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered Timber flooring is more stable and durable than solid timber floors due to its multiple wood layers.

Available in Native Australian woods such as NSW Blackbutt, NSW Spotted Gum, Manjimup Jarrah and Margaret River Marri.

We also stock and sell European Oak, mainly French Oak boards in this range. Oak boards come stained, in many different colors.

Pre-finished Engineered flooring allows for easy installation, and is available with many different type of wood.

Pre finished wood is cut to size with a groove and tongue or 5G click system that lock the pieces together for a solid fit. Its big advantage is that the floor surface is already coated with a very strong finish, either polyurethane or 2 pack water based or a UV cured or similar hardwearing substance. This makes the wood very durable the moment it is acquired. Timber floor coating is difficult to apply to conventional wooden flooring as it requires several days to be properly cured, during which time the floor cannot be walked upon. Pre-finished floors can be walked on the moment the installation is finished.

Advantages of Pre-finished Engineered Timber Flooring Perth:

  • It can be used the moment it is installed, not waiting for the floor to dry.
  • There are no issues with Volatile chemical (VOC) in the air, the finish is already set.
  • There are no real dust or woodchip issues once the floorboards are cut to size.
  • Installation is as simple as possible.
  • Installation is so quick, often less than half the time of it is to install solid timber.
  • Though the floorboards are initially more expensive the completed floor works out cheaper. There is nothing to add to the floorboards once they are installed.
  • The pre-applied finish is as good, if not better, than anything than can be applied to raw wood.

Prefinished Engineered Timber Floors Perth

Pre finished timber is ideal for home projects or any situation where the installation must be quick and straightforward. It requires minimal tools and construction knowledge, and can be used from the moment it is installed.

Floating Engineered Timber Floors Perth

Prefinished Engineered timber works well for floating floors. Floating floors are not fixed to the underlying floor, which gives the room a certain degree of acoustic isolation. Normal, unfinished, timber requires sanding and surface treatment, which is not really possible on a floating floor. But prefinished engineered timber works quite well when used as a floating floor.