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We install Engineered Timber flooring in a variety of different locations. By providing materials and installation, backed by years of experience and our extensive resources, we can offer cost-effective rates and minimal time frames on all projects.

Engineered wood is designed for convenient and economical installation. It has a ‘tongue and groove’ locking system on the sides, and is often pre-coated with a protective finish. Strict criteria on size and quality means it can be assembled on the building site with absolute minimal fuss, much of the preparation being done in the manufacturing process. There is no need for leveling of the wood surface, no need for vanishing, sanding or sealing. Engineered wood is a virtually complete product, needing only to be put in position.

Engineered Hardwood Floating timber floors combines the sophistication of real hardwood timber with an ingenious construction delivering a stable floor and making installation easy over many surfaces. Once installed, no additional work is required; it can be installed quickly and enjoyed immediately.

Engineered Hardwood Floating flooring can be laid onto any hard level surface such as concrete, chipboard, tiles or existing timber flooring. The decorative timber surface, with a multi cross layered substrate gives them strength and dimensional stability. Up to 75% less face timber is used than in solid floors, resulting in a very environmentally friendly finish. Floating floors are ideal for areas where height is a restriction.

Engineered timber floors are particularity sell suited to floating timber floors. Floating timber floors are not attached to the underlying surface, but lock together to form a coherent structure. This provides degree of acoustic separation> It also allows easy replacement of the floor.

We are dedicated to producing an outstanding experience for all our customers – with the very best engineered timber products for your project, the best methods of installation and the best team to do it, call us at Knock Out Floors – we create talking points in spaces all around the world.


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