Recycled Jarrah

Jarrah is a type of Eucalyptus tree native to Western Australia, popular for many generations because of its reddish-brown colour and attractive appearance. It has a great advantage of being reasonably easy to work when fresh, and later being extremely hard and durable when seasoned. This durability means it is not only very resilient and scratch proof, it is also highly termite resistant.

Recycled Jarrah Timber Floors Perth

Because of its extremely long lasting nature Jarrah is very suitable for recycling. It is often obtained and recycled from demolished housing as it outlasts the other many building materials. Using quality recycled wood has many advantages; It is often far less expensive than other flooring materials, even as it is of superior quality, and there is very little environmental impact as no new material is removed from the ecosystem.

Jarrah Timber Flooring Perth

Quality recycled Jarrah flooring looks like new wood, and is both superior and less expensive than several other flooring options. It lasts for decades, resisting both surface wear, termites and decay.

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