Vinyl Plank

Vinyl plank systems are well suited to Bathrooms. Kitchens, Laundries and any other area exposed to water. Vinyl is far more appealing than plain concrete, and can handle the moisture problems not possible with carpet, wood laminates or most stone. It is often found in at least a few rooms of any home.

Vinyl flooring can be produced as either continuous sheets or individual tiles or planks. Planks and tiles are far more popular as they have all the advantages of the vinyl surface but are much easier to install. They can be made to reproduce the appearance of many different types of flooring.

Design Options

Vinyl tiles or planks can be made to look like ceramic tile, wood, stone or any number of decorative designs. They can also be made smooth or pebble textured, and given a non-slip finish to ensure safety in wet environments such as bathroom.

Durability and Maintenance

Vinyl does not have the issues that are inevitable with carpet; there are no layers of material that accumulate dust or allergens. And it has no issue with water. Its surface is quite durable, and any cleaning can be done with sweeping or light mopping. It is also fairly soft on the feet compared to hardwood, stone or concrete.

Economical Flooring

For all its advantages in wet conditions Vinyl flooring is relatively cheap, especially compared to the stone and tiled surfaces that it emulates. It is a very versatile and cost effective flooring.