We design and install outdoor timber decking for patios, pools, spas, Barbeque areas, gazebos or any other outdoor structure.

Decking timber for outdoors must be made to withstand long term exposure to the weather, both continual sunlight and occasional wet conditions. Suitable materials can be found amongst many hard Australian timbers, as well as recycled wood and composite, synthetic materials. Well-designed decking will require occasional re-sanding and maintenance. But when properly looked after it can last for several decades.

Outdoor Structures and Timber Floors Perth

Whether attached to the house or standing as an independent structure any outdoor decking or buildings may require plumbing and electrical work; they may also require council approval. Discuss plans with us and find out just what is required.

Outdoor Floor Sanding Perth

Because of the harshness of outdoor conditions all timber decking will require periodic re-sanding and re-finishing. This effectively restores the structure to its original appearance. Our finishing and sealing products can maximise the time between this necessary maintenance work.