Parquetry & Herringbone Floors

Parquetry flooring creates geometric with wood veneer. These are a very ornate and stylish addition to any room, and as long lasting and durable as most wooden floors. They are particularity popular in hall, hallways and formal areas.

The patterns in parquetry flooring are created using different types of wood. This requires a considerable amount of design work, but many feel the results are well worth it. Predesigned parquetries are available, and are very effective with certain décor. It is possible to have a décor with both walls and floors in similar parquetry style.

Cleaning Parquetry Timber Floors Perth

Parquetry floors can be cleaned with the same methods used on other hardwood flooring. Sweeping, soft vacuuming and the occasional damp cloth for spills is virtually all that is required.

Parquetry Timber Flooring Perth

Parquetry wooden floors easily combine the look of tiles or carpet with the aesthetic and hard wearing qualities of wood.