Laminate & Floating Floors

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Floating and laminate floors are ideal for refurbishing rooms. We can provide and install floating, laminate floors in minimal time at minimal cost.

Laminate flooring offers that real timber look at a cheaper price. All of our laminates are constructed of HDF (high density fibre board) and come with swelling protection. They are also manufactured with a clicking system to allow for quick and easy installation, either by you or by one of our qualified installers.

Laminate flooring has the advantages of being scratch resistant and easy to maintain. Great for a growing family or just someone that has a busy lifestyle.

Laminate is a hybrid of several layers.

  • A hardwearing and transparent top layer
  • A photographic representation of wood, stone or other surface, visible through the top layer.
  • A thicker core layer, for solid support.
  • A rigid stabilizing layer.

Laminate can reproduce the look of anything that can be photographed, usually stone, wood or ceramic tiles. It is an excellent and economical option for reproducing any look while maintaining durability and easy cleaning.

Floating floors are not fixed to the surface underneath. They provide a certain amount of acoustic isolation, which varies with the materials used. And have the advantage of being easily replaced. Cork and vinyl are sometimes used for floating floors, but laminate is far more popular; often to the point that the terms floating floor and laminate are used synonymously. Laminate boards lock together tightly, allowing them to easily be used for floating floor installations. They are a very quick and inexpensive means for transforming a room.

Laminate’s combination of hard wearing surface, photographic resemblance to stone wood or tile, and long term stability is hard to beat. Laminate is also well suited to floating floors, locking together to form a surface that needs no attaching to the floor underneath.