SOLID NSW Blackbutt

Blackbutt is one of the highest value timbers and is predominantly grown in the north coast of NSW, called the Northern Region. It is also common in coastal forests, from southern Queensland to southern NSW. This is a native hardwood. The timber is light brown or yellowish. The grain is usually straight with gum veins present. It may stain well, but is a poor surface for paint and the mature wood may cause problems when gluing. The wood is hard and strong and is the major timber used for all kinds of building construction work, including rafters and battens. It is also used for flooring, weatherboards, bridge planks, railway sleepers and pulp. When treated with a preservative it is used for posts and poles. It is highly sought after for use in making paper, particularly fine writing and printing paper.



NSW Blackbutt


Available in many sizes and grades.

Our teams are professional, we are happy to help with all preparation works, moisture barrier, installation, sanding and coating and edge beading or skirting.

Staining of timber also available for extra.